Steele Lane Exhibition: From Our Walls!

  • Deadhead

    Dozens of sunflowers in my yard became beautiful seed pods at the end of the summer. This photo captures the transition from summer to fall. Amy Levine, 2019

  • The Ancient Hotel

    A chicken enjoying some shade at a traditional hotel in Fez, Morocco. Like so much else in Fez's marketplace, this courtyard transports you to another place and time. Amy Levine, 2013

  • Color of Redwoods

    Altered in photoshop in painterly style Anne Abrams

  • Laguna Morning

    Taken at Laguna de Santa Rosa during sunrise and full moon setting Anne Abrams

  • Fall Grasses

    Taken with iPhone and adjustments made using iPhone apps to give feeling of a wood-cut. Anne Abrams

  • Amorphous (reimagined art)

    Monochrome Image of an art installation of styrofoam cups at the Boston Museum of Art Anne Abrams

  • Emergence

    I saw this small red poppy bud sitting among it's more mature family members. They were lovely, but this one caught my eye because it was catching the morning sunlight perfectly. Luther Burbank Home and Gardens. May 2019. Processed in LR and Topaz. Betsy Waters, 2019

  • Shy

    Caracal cats are by nature very shy. I had hoped to see this elusive big cat on my trip, and happened to look in the right direction when this Caracal peeked around the corner. The Living Desert, Palm Desert, CA. January 2020. Betsy Waters

  • Vigilance

    This snow leopard named "Bhutan" leads a purposeful life. Together with his trainers, he goes out into the community to educate and raise awareness that his species is slowly becoming extinct. The Wild Cat Education and Conservation Fund, Occidental, CA. October 2018. Processed in LR and Topaz. Betsy Waters, 2018

  • Fuyu Persimmon with Leaf

    Every year when the fruit ripens, the colors and textures inspire me to photograph a persimmon just before the leaves fall. Bill Stacy, 2021

  • Show Time

    Taken in the green room at the Project Nunway-Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Fundraiser. Watching "stars" get their makeup ready was a treat. Elizabeth Springs, 2017

  • Poppies with a nod to Charles Rennie Mackintosh

    Always a Mackintosh fan - I want to celebrate his work with this image from my poppy field. Elizabeth Springs, 2020

  • Fresh As A Daisy

    After moving to Sebastopol and learning more about Luther Burbank's work with [Leucanthemum x superbum] has me always growing, cutting and photographing daisies. Elizabeth Springs, 2020

  • Woman Behind Wall

    The image was taken of the upper walls at the entrance to the National Museum of Peruvian Culture, Lima Peru, during an exhibition celebrating their Indigenous People. The woman's image is actually a large 8' x 20' fabric hanging from the Museum's roof. The juxtaposition of the window's reflected color, the print-fabric hues, and brick walls just leaped out. The added surprise that the woman of Indigenous Peruvian heritage is so clearly of West African roots made be sad, yet proud that though I am an American. The Woman & I share the blood, history, and knowing that "I am still here" that runs deep in ancestors of slaves. Joel David Brown, 2019

  • Windowpane Etching

    Early dawn light has always fascinated me. It makes even the most mundane objects and places magical. Truly a gift of our world to us. This is a bathroom window in a bathroom window on the grounds of the Pt. Cabrillo Lighthouse Station - Historical Park, Mendocino, CA. Joel David Brown, 2019

  • Swinging Chairs

    This image was taken at the Sonoma County Fair in 2009 Liz Lawson, 2009

  • Ascending - Descending

    This image was taken of the spiral staircase at the Mechanics Institute Library in San Francisco. I inverted the image vertically to add some mystery to it. Liz Lawson, 2017

  • Bodega Bay from Bodega Head

    I was inspired watching the waves rolling in, the clouds quickly moving by and the colors changing as the day moved on. Lynda Stuber, 2018

  • Ethereal Waters

    During an evening walk in Big Sky, Montana, I happened upon this lovely falls. I wanted to capture this special moment in time. Long exposure. Lynda Stuber, 2021

  • Aspen in Fall

    I was inspired watching this Aspen's changing colors and shedding it's beautiful yellow leaves. I chose a painterly treatment to capture my feeling. Photographed in Bozeman, Montana. Lynda Stuber, 2014

  • Snowbirds

    Wings over Wine Country Mike Funk, 2019

  • Cloudy Day at the Marina

    Nautical inspirations. Mike Funk, 2019

  • The Power of the Gate

    In infrared, in the spirit of Ayn Rand's ''The Fountainhead'' Nancy Goodenough

  • St Andrews…

    …is a town on the east coast of Fife in Scotland, 10 miles southeast of Dundee and 30 miles northeast of Edinburgh. I was drawn to the curve, colors, and light as it caressed this street and waited as the woman approached to capture the image. Who is the woman, Where is she headed, What is her story? We all have a story and perhaps many of us are on our own lone street heading somewhere yet to be discovered. Terry Connelly

  • The Alabama Hills…

    …near Lone Pine in the Southern Sierras changes constantly. This particular tree is there to greet you as you enter the hills. In the Autumn it is in all its glory. On this trip, I took the time to study it climbing the rocks on all sides and exploring the different angles hoping to discover its many possibilities. The Hills are full of adventures and surprises. If you have yet to visit make it a point. As you stand in silent awe take a moment to embrace the power of these rocks and the forces that created them. The drought has been hard in the hills as it has been everywhere else so we hope this wonderful tree will continue to survive to greet visitors as they enter. Terry Connelly

  • Billy Lakes…

    … is near Independence, Ca in the Southern Sierras. This particular morning was bitter cold. I could feel the bite of the wind, my fingers painfully numb as I tried to focus the lens. The beauty of the scene the only thing keeping me from returning to that warmth of the car. The contrast of the cold against the warm grasses drew me in as I hope it draws the viewer in also. Everything is a reflection of everything that came before. Hot and cold, past, and present, and everything in-between. Terry Connelly

  • Clouds, Pond and Trees

    This piece was part of a series called "Solitary Spaces," infrared images exhibited at the Rage Gallery in Rohnert Park, CA. I love the way the white clouds stand out against the stark black sky in high contrast black and white infrared images and how green foliage turns to white. Trisha Brown, 2019

  • Church and Graveyard

    On a drive through the Palouse region in eastern Washington state, I stopped at this church, marveling at its peaceful presence off a country road. Trisha Brown, 2019

  • Climbing the Hill

    The Palouse region of eastern Washington state is one of the largest grain producers in the world. With this image, I wanted to capture this giant reaper leaving its mark on the field. Trisha Brown, 2019

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